Psalm 119 challenge

Good morning everyone! Congrats, you have completed 5 days of journaling already. Today, I will take a short break from the journaling and get you try something else to further the experience, I hope. If you are signed up to Rightnow Media, search Psalm 119, by Matt Chandler. It’s a 10 video series on this psalm, and will really give some awesome extra insight into this incredible piece of scripture. So that is my challenge for this weekend. Check it out.

If you are not signed up for Rightnow Media, simply send an email to the church office requesting you be signed up, and they will send you the login info, for free. There are thousands of teaching, bible study, conference and devotional videos on this site.

If you have been working on your journaling, please leave a comment below today. I want to see who is all out there.  How is it going?  What have you learnt?

You can also go to the blog site simply by clicking on any of the blue lettered links above the “comment button” below.

3 thoughts on “Psalm 119 challenge

  1. M brink

    Am trying Lorne ..not always have written down but have been focusing on reading…would love to learn more of the original language and the culture of the day


    1. Lorne Bell

      Hi, yes, thanks for that comment, that would be very interesting. Maybe in another study we could look at that. In this instance, however, I will just be concentrating on the devotional/journaling daily reading aspect. However, if you find out something really interesting in regards to original language or culture, please leave a comment. I think we would all love to hear more.


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