Acts 9-The conversion of Saul

S- Scripture   vs. 23 and 29

O- observation

Pauls conversion was a powerful one, but he had obviously struck fear into the hearts of all Jews. Even though it seemed pretty obvious that Saul had changed his way of thinking, as he was boldly preaching about Jesus everywhere he went, it was the Jews that kept plotting to kill him. They were not going to forgive and forget that easily. How often do we do that as Christians? Do we see someone get saved, but can’t see past their history? Do we scoff as someone’s conversion? Or look at it with a lot of skepticism rather than with joy?


As I look around me, really evaluate how I see each person. If I knew them from the past, and they are now living for God, do I still see them the old way? or am I rejoicing with them? My application for today is to intentionally encourage others this week in their faith journey.


God, thank you for your Word. Thank you for the truths that you reveal as we abide in you. God, create in me a heart that truly loves and accepts everyone. Reveal to me if I have un-resolved grudges or judgements against anyone. Lord, help me to love everyone unconditionally. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen

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