Acts 16-Jailbreak

Scripture- verse that stood out to me today was vs. 40 “after Paul and Silas came out of the prison, they went to Lydias house, where they met with the brothers and encouraged them . Then they left.


Observation: wow, does a lot ever happen in this chapter. Paul get called to Macedonia where he was able to preach the gospel and baptize a whole household of people. Then he drives an evil spirit out of a slave girl, and gets beaten for it because the owner could no longer profit from it. Thrown in prison, God creates opportunity for Paul to convert the jailer and his whole household. After being released from prison, goes to Lydias house again, and encourages them. After the beating and the jail time, Paul is still the one doing the encouraging. Paul recognized it was necessary in order to bring those people to Jesus, his joy and faith never waivered. What an example.


Application: today i’m going to look at my day or week, and see where I can be the encourager despite a tough situation that may have occurred. I will try to remind myself that my petty little problems don’t compare to what Paul went through.


Prayer: Lord, I thank you that you have a plan for me. I ask you to use me how you need to. God help me be willing to obey your calling today. Lord, remind me that even in the tough times, tough decisions, tough conversations, that you have a purpose for this, and that you will walk me through any situation I find myself in. God give me incredible wisdom in my day to day routine, and with the people I encounter. In Jesus name, amen.

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