Acts 27 – Paul Sails to Rome

Good morning everyone! I will be away for the weekend so there will be no blog entries until Monday again. Have a great weekend!

Scripture: Vs. 36 “then they all were encouraged and ate some food themselves”

Observation: This feels like a very unique type of chapter in the bible. Really detailed account of the journey, made me wonder why this is important enough for us to know all these years later. interestingly, though, Paul was a prisoner but continued to pray and hear God, and was the one to encourage the other prisoners and their captors. Fascinating how they continually listened to his advice and warnings he received from God. He was incredibly bold to speak up throughout the journey, I wonder how many others would have gotten away with that?

Application: in my own life, remember to be bold and have faith, even when the storms hit. Pauls faith did not waiver because everything was not perfect, but rather kept seeking God’s direction and guidance. There is a lot to learn from this chapter.

Prayer: God thank you for another day. Thank you for your blessings. Thank you for the lesson in your word today. Lord, help me to stay strong when the storms in life strike. Help me to not complain and question why, but rather that I seek your will through it all. God, today as I face another very full busy day, give me words of life to speak into those I will see in the hospital today. Give us wisdom how to help encourage the families. God thank you, you are amazing! In Jesus name, amen.

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