Acts 28- Paul arrives in Rome

Happy Monday!  Time to continue our look at the Apostle Paul. Also time to try a different approach to my journaling.  For this week, I am just going to journal thoughts without a particular method to follow. Random. Lets see how it goes.

One thing that struck me in this chapter is the length of time this chapter covers. Paul was in this area preaching the Word in this area for almost 2 1/2 years. Often I’ve thought that Paul or any of the Apostles, were just constantly on the move. Preach the gospel, move on. Preach the Word, move on. But we can see that this was not the case. Not only did he preach the word, but he stuck around. Discipling them, getting them well grounded. Interesting and challenging to me. Sometimes I have been involved in some ministry or task and I see another need elsewhere, and now my attention is being pulled that way. Focus on one thing, do it well.

Interesting that once in Rome, some of the Jews once again really didn’t believe Paul.

It seemed in all circumstances though, Paul achieved great respect by all those he encountered, as evidenced by the treatment he got while he was travelling around and preaching the word. There is great wisdom in being able to disagree with others in a respectful way.


God, thank for your Word this morning. Thank you for the lessons from Paul. Help me Lord to always be focused and content with the task at hand. Help me always to be respectful with those who disagree or oppose me. Lord, guide and direct my words and actions today. Lord, use me to bring your Word to those who don’t know. Thank you Jesus, amen.

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