30 Day Through the Bible- 10 Commandments

Scripture: Exodus 20:1-17

10 commandments


One of the greatest passages of scripture. In these 10 statements, God reveals His heart for all mankind. And His love for each one of us. All of these set us up to live happy, joyful lives. isn’t it unfortunate that this is also one of the most controversial pieces of scripture also in this day. Most places won’t allow you to display the 10 commandments anymore, it’s being removed from most public places. And the reason? It mentions God. The bible mentions that the scriptures would seem like foolishness to those who don’t know the Lord, and that is true. I lived that for many years. But even with that, I just chose to ignore the first three commandments. The rest are really sound teaching that no one of any faith or belief can really argue with. But in this day and age, when we are being taught to do our own thing, do what feels good, this logical teaching is way too extreme and “offensive”.

Application:  It is very easy for me to get caught up in the outrage when I hear of people getting upset and removing the 10 commandments from our schools or other public places, but I need to remember I was there once, and I understand this thinking. Rather than being angry or outraged at these people, I need to remember to pray for them instead, that their eyes would be opened to the truth, just like others had done for me.

Prayer: God we thank you for your incredible love! You revealed your heart to us all in these 10 commandments. God, you only want what’s is best for us, you are always trying to protect us and help us live our lives to the fullest. God I pray for those people that I know that oppose your word, that choose to tear it down at any opportunity. Reveal yourself to them today, soften their hearts and allow them to experience the joy that I have been given. God help us to be compassionate to all those who do oppose us, as they just do not understand yet. Thank you Jesus, amen.



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