Biblical Stewardship – debt snowball

pic 12Good morning. As promised, a quick deviation from memory verses and the usual format. Today, i want to continue with the 7 steps to financial freedom, focusing on step 2. First, let’s review the seven steps.


  1. save $1000 for emergencies  (while paying minimum payments on debts)
  2.  pay off debt (using the debt snowball system)
  3. save 3-6 months of expenses for emergencies
  4. save 15% for retirement
  5. save for kids college
  6. pay off mortgage early
  7. build wealth and give generously

So today i want to explain the debt snowball and show you why it is such a powerful tool and so effective. Grab that debt list you made a while ago. List them from smallest to biggest. If two debts are similar, list the one with the highest interest first.

Disclaimer: getting out of debt requires hard work and dedication. It will require sacrifice. It isn’t easy. But the rewards of getting out of that slavery are worth it!

Watch this youtube video below to get the basics on how this works



So as I said, this would require dedication and will power. And these numbers are important to know before writing a budget. But i think you can see how this can be very effective if done correctly, the snowball effect is powerful, and watching debts get eliminated one by one is very encouraging. I would encourage you to research more on the debt snowball system. It really works! We will use this tool in a couple days when we write the first budget.


Thank you Lord for you guidance and wisdom. Lord help us all to be set free from the slavery of debt. Thank you for giving people incredible wisdom to teach us all how to be set free. Amen

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