Psalm 119:137-144

Scripture: Psalm 119:137-144


You are righteous, Lord, and your laws are right.

The statutes you have laid down are righteous; they are fully trustworthy.

My zeal wears me out, for my enemies ignore your words.

Your promises have been thoroughly tested, and your servant loves them.

Though I am lowly and despised, I do not forget your precepts.

Your righteousness is everlasting and your law is true.

Trouble and distress have come upon me, but your commands give me delight.

Your statutes are always righteous; give me understanding that I may live.



I’ve noticed a few times “enemies” referenced. Been thinking about this, do I have enemies? I think the answer is yes. Maybe not in the physical sense where someone is out to harm me, but I think the answer is found in the rest of the verse. “my enemies ignore your words”. In the spiritual sense, we have a war going on, those of us who follow the word, and those who don’t. Believers and non-believers. By biblical definition, I believe this would be an enemy. Those who don’t follow Christ. But even though we are at odds with the world and the world view, we can find comfort in God’s law, knowing it is true and will endure forever.


Remembering today that when I encounter “enemies”, it is a spiritual war, not a physical one. Therefore, it is God’s battle not mine. I am called to love my neighbor, not beat him over the head with the bible.


Thank you God again for your amazing word. God help me today to love my enemies. Help me to remember that I too was once on the other side of that war. These are all people that just haven’t found You yet, so we pray for your presence to be felt when we encounter people this week, and that I can be an example of “love your neighbor as yourself” to someone today. It is your battle Lord.  Your word will endure forever, and we thank you for that in the name of Jesus, amen.

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