Who am I in Christ? I am a child of God

I’m taking a break from the Revelation series. The more I read it, the more questions I have, need some time to study it more.

So in the meantime, I would like to share a devotional my wife and I wrote. The topic is “My identity in Christ” Who does the Lord say I am?

“But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the rights to become children of God.” John 1:12- (NLT)

Not everyone rejected Jesus. In fact, everyone who believed in him and accepted him was given an incredible gift: They were made children of God!

This special gift is something that God alone could achieve for us. It is also something about which Jesus and John will both have more to say. Today, however, think about what it means to be God’s child! Our Father paints the sunrise and displays his artistry again at sunset. He set the boundaries of the universe, which we cannot begin to see. He is the greatest Father anyone could ever have, and he chose us to be his children!

Our adoption into the Father’s family is something God did for us to include us as his children. We couldn’t make ourselves part of God’s family any more than a baby can accomplish his or her own birth or his or her adoption. We are God’s children because of his love and grace and Jesus’ sacrifice. In fact, Jesus came as the Father’s Word of grace; we can be children of God, born from above!

Prayer for today

Expand my heart, O God, so that I can truly show my love and appreciation to you for adopting me into your family. Open my mind, dear Father, so that I can understand your grace and mercy given me through Jesus.  In the name of my brother and Savior, Jesus Christ my Lord, I pray. amen

Some thoughts to consider and pray about today

What do you feel about God calling you His child?

Jesus, I thank you today for…. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Lord, you have blessed me with…. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Jesus, I am really struggling today with… ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Jesus, what I need today is…. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

I praise you and thank you for making me your child!

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